The Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra has been in existence for 22 seasons. It is only in recent years with the addition of music director John Page that the mission and focus of the PSO began to turn toward education. In 2016 we were alerted to the fact that the Portland Symphony had scheduled their school day concert for NH school vacation week. We immediately sought to fill the hole for the local schools, meeting with The Music Hall to see if this could work on short notice. Everyone worked hard to make it happen, and when we quickly sold out the show we had planned, we scheduled a second one for after lunch the same day. While the PSO had always been rental partners with The Music Hall, this was our first ‘partnership’, and we’ve been added to their annual offerings for schools.

Recently the PSO was appointed the resident orchestra of The Music Hall. We think that is a very big deal and could not be more delighted because it means we have access to some services like assigned seats and the ability to have The Music Hall manage PSO subscriptions. It also means some new programming as we collaborate to produce events we think the community needs. We hope our community continues to grow and expand due to this relationship. We’ll see you at The Music Hall!