We have suspended activity for September, October, and November 2020

Virtually Enjoy the PSO

Dinner and Dessert Live

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 LIVE

A series of short delightful music presentations to be enjoyed while you gather round the dinner table or wind down after a long day.

Midday Maestro Lunch-in:
Symphony 101

Wednesday and Sunday at 12:00

Our already wildly popular series of lectures from Music Director John Page. Always charming, always lighthearted and always fascinating Maestro Page will teach you things you’ve always wanted to know but never asked. Learn how to listen with new ears next time you come to the PSO!

Live in your Living Room

Sunday at 3pm LIVE

Our gift to you is this series of chamber music and solo performances to be enjoyed on a Sunday afternoon from the comfort of your home. The finest works of music performed LIVE , to add that element of excitement as you become part of the performance in real time.

Sounds Good! PSOrchKids

Mon., Wed., Fri. 2pm
Sat. 10am & 10:30 concert by MyPSO students

For the younger audiences who wish to learn about the instruments of the orchestra, composers, and all things music, and who get inspired by seeing other children and students perform for them. Truly unique mix of LIVE and videos by children and professional musicians alike.