2021-2022 Concert Season

5 magnificent symphonic concerts to bring you back and blow you away.


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Attendees for full-capacity indoor events will need to show proof of vaccination OR a negative test.

From the Executive Director

Dear friends,

When I assumed the role of Executive Director of the PSO in the Fall of 2019, I of course had no way of knowing that we would only have the chance to perform our fall and holiday concerts before a global pandemic would shutter our live performances, along with those around the globe, for nearly two years. In the blink of an eye, the shape and focus of my role as Executive Director became something very different from anything I had expected.

Now, just days away from our 2021-2022 season opener and return to the concert hall, I find myself feeling an accumulation of anticipation. Anticipation on the part of all of the PSO musicians, who are eager and ready to take the stage once more and bring to life the music we love to play. And anticipation on the part of our audiences and faithful supporters who have helped us to stay connected and who invest in the PSO in small and large ways every day.

As grateful as we are that we have technology to keep us entertained and connected, these past 18 months have laid bare an important truth: live music is a unique and powerful experience that cannot be fully conveyed through a screen. Creating a moving performance goes beyond the notes on the page. Musicians need each other. We need the energy of the audience. And all of us need the communal concert experience to feel the full power of music. There is simply nothing like being in the presence of a full symphony orchestra playing with joy.

Will you be joining us this Sunday, October 24 at The Music Hall as we kick off our new season? I certainly hope you will. Buying a ticket and celebrating our return to the stage is one of the best ways you can keep classical music alive. And if you have questions about the COVID-19 safety protocols, you can find our full policy on our website.

See you at The Music Hall,

Susanne Powers
PSO Executive Director