Audition Requirements

Auditions Requirements

The following are the excerpts required for audition with the PSO. Please our Orchestra Openings page for more information about which positions we are currently auditioning.

For All Musicians

  • Prepare solo work (can be excerpts), 8-10 minutes in length, demonstrating contrasting tempi/styles.
  • You may also be asked to sight-read.
  • All excerpts are available from unless otherwise indicated.
    Please assume first part for all excerpts unless otherwise noted.


Debussy, Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
    beginning to [3]

Mendelssohn, A Midsummers Night’s Dream
    Scherzo pick up to 12 before [P] through double bar after [Q]

Beethoven, Leonore Overture #3
    mm. 1-36; mm. 301-360

Beethoven, Symphony No. 9
    Piccolo part Mvmt IV mm. 343-431 optional

Rossini, La Gazza Ladra
    Piccolo part mm. 188-218 optional

Berlioz, Symphony Fantastique
    Mvmt III beginning to 1 measure after [37]

Dvorak, Symphony No. 9
    Mvmt II [2] to [3]; [4] to [5]

Brahms, Symphony No. 1
    Mvmt II mm. 17-24; [B] to mm. 44

Rimsky-Korsakov, Capriccio Espagnol
    Mvmt IV beginining to 1 measure before [O]

Dvorak, Symphony No. 9
    English Horn part Mvmt II mm. 7-18 optional

Rimsky-Korsakov, Capriccio Espagnol
    Mvmt I [A] to [B]; [C] to 15 measures after [C]

Berlioz, Symphony Fantastique
    Mvmt III [43] to [44]

Beethoven, Symphony No. 6
    Mvmt I 2 measures before [K] to mm. 492 (including downbeat)

Beethoven, Symphony No. 7
    Mvmt II 1 measure before [D] to mm. 78

Beethoven, Symphony No. 8
    Mvmt III mm. 122-133

Mendelssohn, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    Scherzo beginning to [B]; [D] to [G]

Strauss, Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks
    Bass Clarinet part 8 measures before [13] to [14] optional
    Bass Clarinet part 2 measures before [18] to 5 measures before [20] optional
    Bass Clarinet part 10 measures after [31] to [32] optional
    Bass Clarinet part [37] to 15 measures after [37] optional

Berlioz, Symphony Fantastique
    Allegretto non troppo (IV) mm. 49-63

Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 4
    Andantino in modo di canzona (II) mm. 274 – end

Mozart, Marriage of Figaro
    Overture mm. 1-25 and mm. 139-172

Brahms, Violin Concerto (Op. 77)
    Bassoon 2 part Adagio (II) Jan-33

Brahms, Academic Festival Overture
    Contrabassoon part [K] – [L] optional


Parts also available at

Mozart, Symphony No. 40
    Mvmt 3 mm. 61-84

Beethoven, Symphony No. 9
    Mvmt 2 pickup to mm. 83-98

Dvorak, Symphony No. 9
    Horn 3 part Mvmt 1 mm. 16-27

Shostakovich, Symphony No. 5
    Mvmt 1 mm. 17-21

Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 4
    Mvmt 1 mm. 1-20

Parts not found on IMSLP are available upon request

Haydn, Trumpet Concerto in Eb Major
  Mvmt I Exposition
Mvmt II All

Bartok, Concerto for Orchestra
    Trumpet 2 part Mvmt II [90] to [147]

Mussorgsky, arr. Ravel, Pictures at an Exhibition
    Promenade beginning to [2]

Respighi, Pines of Rome
    Pini presso una Catacomba Tromba Interna (off stage trumpet solo)

Stravinsky, Petrouchka (1947 version)
Ballerina’s Dance [134] to [139]

Rimsky-Korsakov, Russian Easter Festival
    Trombone 2 part Overture [M] – [N]

Wagner, Die Meistersinger
    Introduction to Act III; III. Aufzug, Scene V top of Pg. 8 to Vivace

Berlioz, Damnation of Faust
    Bass Trombone part Hungarian March pickup to [4] to 3 after [5] optional

Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique
  Mvmt IV [56] to 6 measures after [57]
    Mvmt V [84] to end

Franck, Symphony in D minor
  Mvmt I [U] to 12 measures after [V]
    Mvmt III 2 measures after [N] to 16 measures after [N]

Hindemith, Symphonic Metamorphosis
    4 measures after [L] to [N]

Stravinsky, Petroushka (1911 version)
    [100-101] and [121-122]


Please select four orchestral excerpts from standard orchestral literature showing advanced knowledge of repertoire and skills on all of the following instruments: timpani; snare drum; xylophone; glockenspiel; cymbals; bass drum; tambourine; triangle.


Mozart, Symphony No. 40
    Mvmt I mm. 1-42

Glinka, Overture to Ruslan and Lyudmila
    1. 1-19

Prokofiev, Symphony No. 1
    Mvmt II mm. 5-32

Rimsky-Korsakov, Scheherezade
    Mvmt I [D] to [E}

All of the above plus:

Rimsky-Korsakov, Scheherazade
    Mvmt II beginning to [A]

Strauss, Don Juan
    Page 1

Bartok, Concerto for Orchestra
Mvmt I mm. 51-63
    Mvmt V mm. 21-47

    G major – 3 octaves; E Major – 3 octaves; D minor – 3 octaves

Glinka, Overture to Ruslan and Lyudmila
    mm. 1-19

Mozart, Symphony No. 40
    Mvmt IV mm. 146-185

Brahms, Symphony No. 1
    Mvmt I 4 m. before [E] to 9 before [F]

Brahms, Symphony No. 2
    Mvmt I Beginning to [B]

Shostakovitch, Symphony No. 5
    Mvmt I [15] to [17] Available at

All of the above plus:

Strauss, Don Juan
    mm. 1-36

Scales, Quarter note = 60,
    C major – 4 octaves; E major – 3 octaves; D minor – 4 octaves

Beethoven, Symphony No. 7
    Mvmt I mm. 233-299

Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 5
    Mvmt II pickup to m. 33 to 1 before [B]

Beethoven, Coriolan Overture
    mm. 102-176 Stay on top part. Pay close attention to dynamics. Metronome marking 78-half note.

Verdi, La Forza Del Destino
    8 mm. after [C] to [F]

Beethoven, Symphony No. 9
    Mvmt IV mm. 8-mm. 91

Beethoven, Symphony No. 5
    Mvmt III mm. 1-mm. 96

Mozart, Symphony No. 40
    Mvmt I mm. 114-mm. 138

Brahms, Symphony No. 1
    Mvmt I [E] to 9 mm. before [F}

All of the above plus:

Prokofiev, Lieutenant Kije
    Mvmt II (solo version) [15] to [17]

Mahler, Symphony No. I
    Mvmt III mm. 3-mm.10

If you have questions or would like to submit an audition please complete the form on the main auditions page or call us at (603) 686-8133.


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