Craig Peverly

With the PSO since: 1997 (first rehearsal!)
Lives in: York, ME

At what age did you start playing the viola?
It was 1970. I was halfway through college.

Did you learn another instrument first? If so, which one?
Violin from age 8

Why did you choose your current instrument?
The college orchestra suddenly found itself with no violas. I always liked the sound so I bought a $25 viola and learned the clef. I really love the sound and playing the harmony.

Do you play with other groups? If so, which ones?
I’ve played with an all-string group in Kennebunk, Maine for about three years now called No Strings Attached. For about 10 years I played “The Messiah” in Exeter at Christmas. I have played at my church and several others at various times over the years. Before the Portsmouth Symphony started, I played for 21 years with the Community Orchestra of the Portland Symphony.

What do you like about playing with a symphony orchestra?
I really like playing the big symphonic works that need a full orchestra.

What is your favorite piece to play on your instrument?
Pachelbel Canon in D

How do you spend your time outside of the PSO?
I like spending time with family, especially our granddaughter; walking and bicycling; taking my son’s 1972 Chevy truck to car shows; touring the countryside on my motorcycle at rallies.

Tell us about your musical education.
I am a Mechanical Engineer, but I took every music course I could fit in.

Any recognition or accolades you want to share?
I played in the NH Youth Symphony in the early 1960’s and Maine Allstate Orchestra all four years of high school. It was such a thrill to play Tim Janis’s “The Christmas Rose” at Carnegie Hall with the PSO and with family members in the audience

Beyond musician, do you serve in any additional role(s) with the PSO? 
I have been on the PSO board since it was organized back in 1998. And involved with getting chairs, and several times, shells to and from concerts, often driving a rental truck.