Fay Rubin

With the PSO since: 2012

Lives in: Portsmouth, NH

How old were you when you started playing the viola? Did you learn another instrument first?

I started cello lessons at the age of 7. I started taking piano lessons two years earlier. Everyone in my family played the piano – it was somewhat expected and strongly encouraged. I am so grateful to my parents for that. I continue to actively play both instruments.

Why the cello?

I knew that I wanted to play a stringed instrument, and I preferred the sound and range of the cello.

What do you like about playing with a symphony orchestra?

There are many aspects of playing in an orchestra that I think are wonderful. I enjoy the rich sound of the full orchestra around me, the breadth of the repertoire, the social connections, and the commitment we all make to producing beautiful music.

What is your favorite piece to play on your instrument?

There is no single piece that is my favorite, but I certainly always enjoy playing the Bach suites. For orchestral music, my favorites are definitely the Beethoven symphonies.

Beyond musician, do you serve in any additional role(s) with the PSO?

I am on the Board of the PSO and currently serve as Vice President. Like all of my Board colleagues, I try to assist with whatever is needed, whether it is meeting with prospective sponsors, helping with grant proposals or reviewing press releases.

How do you spend your time outside of the PSO?

I retired several years ago after a long career at the University of New Hampshire. I was unexpectedly invited back for a part-time, short-term commitment 3 years ago, and have stayed on to keep engaged and connected to the important work of protecting and restoring our local watersheds. In addition to working, I volunteer at a local non-profit organization.