Nathan Therrien

Years playing with the PSO: 21
First instrument(s): Alto saxophone & tuba
Lives in: Portsmouth, NH

How old were you when you started playing the double bass?

I began to play the double bass when I was eighteen but did not begin to practice until I was twenty-six.

Why double bass?

I was becoming interested in jazz at the time and most of the bass players I was listening to were double bass players.

What do you like about playing with a symphony orchestra?

Most of the playing I do is with small groups, but when I am playing in a bass section of four to five fantastic musicians in the orchestra, it is a powerful and moving experience.

Do you play with any other groups?

I play with the indie folk group River Sister, an original jazz group called Zero Gravity and freelance regularly with other groups of a variety of styles.

What is your favorite piece of music to play on your instrument?

My favorite orchestral piece is Symphony No. 4 by Johannes Brahms and anything by Chic Corea.

How do you spend your time outside of the PSO?

I am a music teacher in the Concord, NH School district during the school year and when I am not doing that, I like to spend time with my family going snowboarding, hiking and traveling.

Tell us about your musical education.

I have a bachelor’s degree in music education from the University of New Hampshire and a master’s in jazz performance studies from the New England Conservatory of Music.