Young Artists Competition 2021 Poll

Drumroll, please!

Just kidding! Watch the video for the winner’s announcement. Thank you all so much for your participation!

Please watch the videos and vote for your favorite in the poll below.

Please note: Vote once. Doubles will be removed. Voting ends at 6pm. [Due to difficulties in navigation caused by web design, we have given you an extra hour to vote.] We had technical difficulties with our poll. Refresh your screen and it should work. All videos will premier at 3pm and you will be able to watch the rest after the premieres have completed. Voting ends at 6pm. 

Additionally, watch this space at 6pm to discover the results of the judge voting. All four judges are carefully considering the talents of each finalist and will award them the chance to perform with the Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra in the Spring of 2021.

at 6pm we will also announce the Viewer’s Choice and our poll will be closed.

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Maxine Park
Chopin Concerto E minor Op. 11

Sean Jang
Mendelssohn violin concerto in E minor

Jasmine Xi
Saint-Saëns piano concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op 22

Marshall Joos
Chopin Concerto E minor Op. 11

Voting for the concerto competition has closed.