Stringendo Youth Ensemble

Maya Powers

Maya is 12 years old. She started playing when she was 5 years old. She grew up in a musical family where everyone played an instrument, so I guess you could say that music is in her blood. Her whole life she’s always been drawn to music and the arts. She learns from her mom, Susanne Powers who is also a violinist, who happens to teach Maya’s siblings too every so often even with different instruments. Maya goes to a homeschool school called New Hope in Boxford, MA. Even though she is homeschooled and not in the public schools, she still does Orchestra, Band, and Theater there. Currently, the Theater is doing Frozen jr. and they have only started real rehearsals a few weeks ago. And a fun fact about her is that in the musical Maya is Young Anna.

Stringendo has always been fun for me even on zoom. I wanted to do it most this year because it helped me stay true to practicing everyday. Without Stringendo, I probably wouldn’t have practiced everyday. Something I’ve accomplished in Stringendo is being open to more composers then I knew before like Telemann, and Scarlatti.